Dec 4, 2020

Inflationary Pressures Are Building

Inflationary pressures are building and investors are bidding up prices of inflation sensitive stocks. But they're not buying gold stocks yet as investors still expect the Federal Reserve to fight inflation by raising interest rates. But the Federal Reserve will surrender to inflation without a fight.

Fighting Inflation With Inflation

It's amazing that markets have calmly accepted the widely-held belief that the Federal Reserve will respond to rising inflation expectations by printing even more money to buy bonds to keep yields from rising. Fighting inflation with inflation guarantees inflation wins and the dollar loses.

Bitcoin: A Massive Double Top?

Bitcoin bulls are celebrating because after 3 years Bitcoin finally managed to eke out a new high. But what makes them so sure that this marginal new high doesn't constitute a massive double top? Perhaps they should put away the champagne until an actual breakout is confirmed.

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