Jul 15, 2019

Bitcoin, Silver and Gold

Ironically those correctly worried about the failure of our fiat monetary system, who make the mistake of buying Bitcoin, will lose more purchasing power by the time the system fails than those not worried at all who do nothing. If only they were buying gold and silver instead!

Jul 8, 2019

Signs Of A Weak U.S. Economy

If the U.S. Economy is really the strongest in history, why is the service sector growing at its slowest pace in 2 years, factory orders near a 3-year low, and small business employment collapsing at its fastest pace in over 9 years?

Markets: Gold, U.S. Dollar

Gold and the U.S. Dollar are over-reacting to June's jobs number that can easily be revised lower. 

The economy is slowing and job losses are typically the caboose not the engine of the recession train. The Federal Reserve will cut interest rates, it will not prevent recession, but it will boost inflation!