Jul 7, 2021

Central Banks Keep Buying Gold

Central banks globally added another net 56.7 tons of gold to their reserves in May as more banks dip into the gold market, according to the latest data compiled by the World Gold Council.

Gold-buying by central banks slowed last year from the record pace we saw in 2018 and 2019. That trend has continued into 2021, but buying is ahead of last year’s pace as many countries continue to load up on the yellow metal.

-- in Schiff Gold

Jul 5, 2021

Video: Labor Market, Inflation and Gold


  • Inflation spilling into the labor market. 
  • Pressures pushing dollar down and costs up. 
  • What does Basel III mean for gold? 
  • CNBC pundits are as clueless now as they were in 2006 and 2007.

Inflation Forces Retailers To Sharply Increase Prices

As inflation forces all retailers to sharply raise their prices look for lots of excuses as to why it's happening. But the biggest excuses will come from the government and the Federal Reserve, that will blame everything and everyone but their own policies.

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