Jan 29, 2021

Silver: Supply-Demand Dynamics

The supply-demand dynamics are also positive for silver.

Silver investment demand hit a 5-year high in 2020. It won’t likely slow in 2021. And while industrial demand took a big hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is expected to rebound as the global economy begins to recover.

Silver demand will also likely get a boost from the push toward solar power and other green energy initiatives in the coming years. Solar power generation is expected to nearly double by 2025 according to a report released last summer by the Silver Institute. Even if the global economy recovers more slowly than expected in the wake of the pandemic, green energy demand for silver will likely remain robust. Analysts expect many government stimulus plans will include funding for green initiatives.

On the supply side, mine output fell sharply in 2020. Production was projected to fall by 6.3% to about 780.1 million ounces. The big drop in silver output is largely a function of mine shutdowns due to coronavirus, but mine output was already trending down before the pandemic. Global mine production fell by 1.3% in 2019.

(in Schiff Gold website) 

The Inflation Threat Will Grow Much Larger

It's clear by the way the Federal Reserve tweaked the language in its official statement that it's more concerned about growth and less worried about inflation. 

This assures the inflation threat will grow much larger as the Federal Reserve ignores its rise and prints more money to fund deficit spending.

Bitcoin Incorporates Elements Of A Ponzi Scheme

Bitcoin is neither a Ponzi Scheme, a Pyramid Scheme, nor a Chain Letter, though it incorporates elements of all three. 

It's really a more sophisticated version modernized for the digital age. 

My guess is that in the future similar schemes will be referred to as a Bitcoin Scheme.

Jan 28, 2021

The Reddit Raiders Have Turned Their Attention To Silver Stocks

 It looks like the Reddit raiders have turned their attention to Silver stocks. They're getting smarter. 

Silver stocks are actually cheap, and represent good investment value. The fact that some investors were foolish enough to short these stocks makes their trade even better.

Jan 27, 2021

GameStop: The Only People Who Will Walk Away With Any Real Winnings

Attention Bitcoin HODLers: The only people who will walk away with any real winnings from the GameStop (GME) short-squeeze will be those smart enough to sell. 

Those who HODL will likely loose it all. 

Bitcoin HODLers will meet the same fate if they fail to realize their paper profits.

Jan 26, 2021

The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth In History

Bitcoin proponents claim that Bitcoin represents the greatest transfer of wealth in history. I partially agree. Not sure it's the greatest but a large wealth transfer is taking place. But the wealth is being transferred from the people who buy Bitcoin to the people who sell it.

Gold Is Wealth, Bitcoin Is Not

Losing the private key to your Bitcoin wallet is not the same thing as forgetting where you buried your gold. When gold is lost the world loses something -- the potential use of that gold as a metal. When Bitcoin is lost the world loses nothing. Gold is wealth. Bitcoin is not.

Jan 25, 2021

The Bitcoin Bubble

Talking about the Bitcoin bubble with Liz Claman, Host of FOX Business Network's The Claman Countdown:

Peter Schiff Bursts The Bitcoin Bubble

COVID Stimulus Will Be Paid For By Inflation

I agree with Jeremy Siegel that bondholders will suffer losses as COVID stimulus is paid for by inflation, but disagree with his assessment of how much it will cost. Inflation will be much higher, and the losses far greater than he thinks.

The U.S. Economy After The Pandemic

For all the talk about pent up demand driving strong economic growth after the pandemic, the truth is we must pay the bill for all the stimulus during the pandemic. Because we borrowed so much to mitigate the recession, we need to spend less during the recovery to repay the debt.

Jan 20, 2021

Rising Long-Term Rates Shouldn't Be Hurting Gold

Rising long-term interest rates are not helping the U.S. Dollar so they shouldn't be hurting gold. 

The U.S. Dollar is falling despite rising nominal rates because the rise is driven by inflation fears. The Federal Reserve is so far behind the curve it can't even see it. 

This is very bullish for gold.

Lots Of Electrical Power Is Wasted Creating Bitcoin

You can't power anything with Bitcoin.

But a lot of power is wasted creating Bitcoin and operating the network.

Once Bitcoin crashes for good, and all of this finally nonsense finally comes to an end, all of that power will be freed up for productive uses.

Gold Is The Best Money, Not Bitcoin

Bitcoin can't be money as money is the most marketable commodity. 

Bitcoin is not a commodity, so it can't be money. The best Bitcoin can ever hope to be is a digital fiat currency, but it hasn't even managed to achieve that yet. 

Gold is the best money.


It's not a surprise that CNBC's permabulls, who once urged investors to buy stocks based on Trump's plan of tax cuts and deregulation, are just as bullish now despite Biden's plan to raise taxes and increase regulation. They're saying not to let politics influence investments.

Gold & Treasury Yields

Gold traders are the only ones worried about rising Treasury yields. 

Ironically the insignificant rise is actually even less relevant to gold than to other commodities or investment assets. 

If annual inflation is 10% does it really matter if 10-year Treasuries yield 0.9% or 1.1%?

Bitcoin's Rally: Not Being Driven By Wide-Spread Institutional Adoption

The recent surge in Bitcoin is not being driven by wide-spread institutional adoption. CNBC and other crypto shills are exploiting the fact that a few high-profile institutions have taken positions to create the false impression of larger participation to sucker in more buyers.

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