Jan 13, 2020

The Bullish Case For Gold

You know, the reason the US stock market went up this year is because the Federal Reserve surprised everybody by doing exactly what I had been predicting they would do. They aborted their feigned attempt to normalize their interest rates and shrink their balance sheet. They went back to interest rate cuts and quantitative easing. This is extremely bullish for gold.

Jan 6, 2020

Investors Don't Believe The Gold Rally

As gold nears a 7-year high, gold stocks continue to lag. Investors don't believe the gold rally, as they attribute it to temporary safe-haven buying. But geopolitical risk will remain elevated for years as Fed policy, the main driver of the rally, gets even more reckless.

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Bitcoin & Gold Rallying

For those Bitcoin bugs excited about Bitcoin's 4 percent rally in 2020, think about this: Gold is also up by about the same percentage this year, only with significantly less downside risk.

If this is the best rally Bitcoin can muster, how will it ever hit 50,000, let alone 1 million?

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