May 29, 2018

Video: The Next Financial Crisis

The National Debt Disaster

The 21 trillion dollar national debt which of course is now closer to 21.2 trillion and rising rapidly -  the problem there is not just the enormity of the debt but the cost of financing it. 

One of the things that candidate Trump promised was to take advantage of these ultra-low long-term interest rates by locking them in and moving the debt more towards long-term rates. Well, he actually did the opposite as President. He's actually shortened the maturity even shorter. We're relying even more heavily now on short-term financing than ever before. 

But as interest rates are rising the cost of servicing this debt is exploding and that is one of the principal drivers of the deficits now being over a trillion dollars a year is the extra cost of paying the interest on the money that we've already borrowed. Not the money we're borrowing now to fund the current deficit but the money we have to constantly borrow to fund the 21 trillion of debt that we already have. 

So this is not a disaster for the future this is a disaster that we're gonna be dealing with in the here and now.

May 25, 2018

The Highest The Fed Gets Is About 2.50%

If you look at what the Federal Reserve is saying, they're also talking about the fact that we're a lot closer to a neutral rate of interest than they might have felt in the past and that there's really not that many rate hikes left.

I mean maybe the markets are looking for two or three interest rate hikes this year but I think what people are now starting to think is that that may be it. I mean after this year the Federal Reserve is done hiking and so maybe the highest the Federal Reserve gets is about two and a half percent and then they're done hiking.

May 22, 2018

Stock Market: Celebrating The Cease Fire In The Trade War

Peter Schiff discusses the markets on this 30 minute podcast.

May 17, 2018

Record Foreclosures In The Subprime Auto Market

I just read an article that we're now seeing the biggest foreclosures in the subprime auto market that we've ever seen, even bigger than in the 2008 financial crisis. That is one symptom of what happened during the credit bubble and now you know the heroin is starting to wear off and it exposes all of the bad loans that fueled the spending binge on automobiles.

May 16, 2018

Video: Bond Breakdown Gathers Momentum

Video market update (May 15th, 2018)

May 15, 2018

Opportunities To Invest In Emerging Markets, Foreign Currencies and Gold

If you're an investor, it's an opportunity to invest more in emerging economies, in foreign currencies, in precious metals. Obviously the gold market is being suppressed a bit by the strength of the US Dollar but as the US Dollar surrenders those ill-gotten gains that is going to be particularly good for the gold market.

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May 14, 2018

Inflation Is Going Dramatically Higher

We are going to have rising inflation and a falling dollar that for political reasons the Fed will be unable to or unwilling to raise interest rates sufficiently to put out the inflationary fire and prop up the US dollar.

The Next Bear Market

May 11, 2018

US Dollar: A Bear Market Rally

The big story continues to be the bear market rally that has been going on in the US dollar the US Dollar Index today closed above 93 the low this year was just above 88 so we've risen about 5% so far in the US Dollar Index from the lows.

Is Gold Being Manipulated?

May 10, 2018

Federal Reserve: Shrinking The Balance Will Have Consequences

When Alan Greenspan took over the Federal Reserve in 1987, its balance sheet was at about $200 billion. A few years ago, it reached $4.5 trillion. Shrinking it will have consequences.

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May 8, 2018

Inflation: The Danger To Bondholders

How comfortable are bondholders going be when inflation is above 2 percent when they're barely earning 2 percent on their bonds now? 

I mean you're not even getting 3 percent on a 10-year Treasury right now, you're getting around 2.95.

Well, if inflation is above, let's say inflation is two and a half, well you're getting two and a half percent inflation if your yield is only 2.95 you're not even getting 50 basis points. But of course after taxes you're losing money because the Treasury bond yield is not tax-free. The federal government still taxes you on the money you earn on Treasuries, so after taxes if you're getting a two point nine five percent coupon if there's two and a half percent inflation you are losing money.

May 7, 2018

Federal Reserve: Willingness To Tolerate Higher Inflation

I want to talk about what happened with the Federal Reserve this week because I think that is the most significant news of the week. In fact, I think it's the Federal Reserve's statement on Wednesday and the comments from today that's the real reason we had the 300 plus point rally in the Dow Jones Industrials Average today that's why we had the 400 plus point turnaround in the Dow on Thursday. I think it's all about the Fed and its willingness to tolerate higher inflation.

May 4, 2018

Are Rising Rates Bullish For The US Dollar?

I know people say that rising interest rates are good for the US Dollar. That's rising short-term interest rates which in theory are good for the dollar not rising long-term interest rates.

Gold & Gold Stocks

Gold continues to pullback. Remember we got above 1350 briefly and we couldn't break out and now here we are going back down to 1300 but one thing that looks good to me are the gold stocks.

US Dollar Strength: The Current Drivers

The strength of the US Dollar I think again is being driven by the rise in bond yields. The yield on the 10-year US Treasuries is back up to 2.97 percent, still below three percent but I don't think it will remain below three percent for long.

May 3, 2018

Stocks: Sell In May And Go Away

There is an old Wall Street adage sell in May and go away and the reason for that saying is that seasonally the market tends to produce better returns in the first four months of the year January through April and then historically beginning in May and throughout the summer the market could generally go down and I think the time to buy back in is typically September , October.

you know there's a lot of big down days down in September, October so kind of get out of the market in May, go away and then come back later in the year and buy back what you sold.

Well today was May 1st and it looked like a lot of people weren't gonna wait that long and they were quick to sell.

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