Nov 27, 2019

Video: The Fed's Exit Plan is QE Infinity

Location: New Orleans Investment Conference

After a decade of promises about how QE (quantitative easing) and zero interest rates would solve the subprime housing debacle, now as the Federal Reserve is lowering interest rates again it's become clear that there is no exit plan. Or if there is, the plan is QE to infinity. 

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  • Gold and Silver markets are positioned for the rally of our lifetimes

Update: Recession Warning, Bitcoin & Smaller Government

Recession Early Warning? 

Well, it looks like the rich are tightening their belts. According to a report at Yahoo Finance, spending by the rich has slowed over the last year. This could be an early warning of a recession. Spending by the top 10% of households by income makes up nearly half of overall consumption in the US. 

I Want Less Government 

A lot of people want the rich to pay more taxes so that government can be bigger. I want the rich and everyone else to pay less taxes so that the government can be smaller. Less taxes means more freedom and prosperity. Let's make government smaller so the economy can be bigger! 

Early Bitcoin Buyers 

Not everyone who got into #Bitcoin early is ahead. Many took flyers on Bitcoin with small amounts of money early on. After the huge rise, thinking they were smart instead of lucky, they added much larger sums at much higher prices. So now they are down overall or soon will be.

Nov 21, 2019

This Rally Is Fueled By A Weak Economy

This stock market rally is being driven by a weak economy. It's a weak economy that's more instrumental in driving the market higher because the weak economy keeps the Fed in play. It keeps quantitative easing in play. It keeps interest rates going down.

U.S. - China Trade Deal

When Trump first announced Phase One he said it was already a done deal. Now it's delayed until sometime next year, if it ever happens at all. Trump should just see if he can get a Phase 1A deal done, or at least pretend that he can. That should be good for 500 more Dow points!

QE4, Pot Stocks, IPOs

Even as QE4 has pushed stock indexes to new highs, despite a weakening economy and the absence of a trade deal, not all stocks have gone along for the ride. Pot stocks have been smoked, falling 70% -90%. Bubbles are popping, and it will not be contained to pot stocks and IPOs!

Nov 19, 2019

Press Round Up: Bitcoin, Marijuana Stocks, A Weakening Economy

Peter Schiff has been mentioned often in the press in the last few days. Here's a summary of the most relevant article:

Peter Schiff States That Bitcoin Has Less Utility Than Pot - in U TODAY

Marijuana Stock Crash Could Affect Bitcoin Price, Peter Schiff Suggests - in International Business Times

Peter Schiff: Recession So Bad Coming, US Doomed to Default on National Debt - in Money and Markets

On a recent podcast episode, Peter Schiff told investors that the U.S. Economy is getting sicker,

“The economy is getting sicker. And that’s what the central banks are doing when they cut rates and they print money — they’re actually making the underlying economy sicker, even though it doesn’t look sicker because they’re just measuring the spending that goes on and they’re ignoring the debt that’s behind it.”

Market Update: Gold, IPO Market, Bitcoin

The main reason Gold is not getting a bigger boost from QE4 is that traders expect the markets to react the way they did to QE3. But when the Fed did QE3, markets believed it was the last QE, and that the Federal Reserve had an exit strategy. But QE4 is open-ended and exit is impossible! 

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IPO Market and Stock Market Bubbles 

If you think popping bubbles are going to be contained to the IPO market or to the pot stocks, no. All of the bubbles are going to pop, including the total bubble in the US stock market overall.

Bitcoin and Pot Stocks

Lots of Bitcoin bugs criticized my tweet warning that the bursting of the pot stock bubble could be a harbinger of doom for Bitcoin as well. I am not comparing Bitcoin to pot. You can smoke pot and get high. You can’t do anything with Bitcoin. The similarities are the bubbles!

Nov 4, 2019

Creating Demand For Gold

The new head of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde believes she can create jobs by destroying savings. But jobs come from savings. Jobs need capital, and capital investment is funded by savings. When you destroy savings you also destroy jobs! All Lagarde will create is demand for Gold!

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