Feb 18, 2019

The Real National Emergency

Of course the real national emergency is not the lack of a wall, the failure to build a wall but building up the national debt to $22 trillion! We eclipse that dubious milestone earlier in the week and again when you talk about the national debt at $22 trillion we're talking about the tip of a huge iceberg. 

This is just a funded portion of the debt and it doesn't include liabilities like what the government owes for social security, guaranteed bank deposits or student loans. That's not there, those are contingent liabilities and they're just as real but they're not even part of the national debt.

So, when you look at all the liabilities that the US government is on the hook for, you're talking about well over a $100 trillion or $200 trillion. Twenty trillion is maybe five or ten percent of the debt but that debt that is the real national emergency.

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