Sep 6, 2018

The Last Time We Had A Trade Deficit This Big...

The last time we had a trade deficit this big was 2008 which of course was right before the financial crisis and Great Recession and it probably is no coincidence that were having such large trade deficits again probably on the eve of what will be an even greater economic recession than the one that we had in 2008.

Sep 5, 2018

The Bear Market Can Start At Any Minute

In a recent tweet, Peter Schiff drew a parallel between the current market and the tech bear market that started in 2000:

"The Nasdaq had the biggest gain last month since the year 2000. But do you recall what happened in 2000? The Nasdaq – it declined approximately 80 percent from peak to trough."

When asked when the bear market would start, peter Schiff replied:

"It’s long overdue. It can start at any minute … But people are oblivious.”

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Sep 3, 2018

We Will Have Inflation And Recession At The Same Time

In a recent podcast, Peter Schiff warned us that we should be prepared for inflation and recession to his us in the face and at the same time.

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