Apr 26, 2019

GDP Data: Don't Rule Out A 2019 Recession

Inflation Numbers: Something Does Not Add Up!

The government wants us to believe that the annualized increase in the cost of living in Q1 2019 was just 0.9%. Yet the price of oil rose by an annualized rate of over 130% during that quarter! Either the price of everything else plunged, or something doesn't add up!

Bond Market, Gold & The Federal Reserve

The bond market and gold are rising, as the US Dollar falls, because the supposed collapse in the inflation rate in Q1 despite a 130% annualized rise in the price of oil, gives the Federal Reserve yet another excuse to remain patient on future interest rate hikes.

Interest Rate Cuts, Return to QE

If oil prices keep rising, maybe inflation will fall so much that the dreaded deflation risk will rear its ugly head. Then Trump may get his wish, as the Federal Reserve will have an excuse to cut interest rates and return to QE!

Don't Rule Out A 2019 Recession  

The near 17% drop in Q1 energy prices, despite a 33% surge in oil prices, resulted from the sharp fall in oil prices the previous quarter. This, plus one-off positive contributions from inventories and trade, will likely be reversed in Q2. Don't rule out a 2019 recession.

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