Jun 21, 2017

When Markets Are As Extended, They Can Top On Anything

We had a bit of a turnaround Tuesday today all of the major US stock market averages were higher in the morning and we closed broadly lower on the day. In fact the Dow Jones Industrials Average (DJIA) did make a new all-time record high this morning before closing down about 60 points so though the decline in the Nasdaq was a little bit greater. We had a 0.82% decline in the Nasdaq, the Dow was only down by about 0.3%. The S&P 500 Index though had a bigger decline as it was down about 0.7%, so the broader averages took a bigger decline than did the Dow.

Now, I don't think the technical damage is extreme. Yes, we made new highs and close lower but it really wasn't an outside day, I mean we didn't close below Monday's lows for example which would have been an outside reversal but we'll see. You know, when markets are as extended as they are, of course, you know, they can top on anything.

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