Oct 24, 2018

Stock Market: The Downtrend Is Intact

Some of the highlights from the Peter Schiff Podcast, ep. 402.

Peter mentioned that the Russell 2000 Index is already in correction territory,

"The Russell 2000 is actually down about 14 percent from its highs so it's now officially in a correction."

Peter also mentioned that yesterday's rally had all the characteristics of a short covering rally and that the down trend in stocks in very likely still intact,

"To me this looked like a classic reversal Tuesday type of rally, one of the reversal Tuesday's where you gap way down and then just rally throughout the day The rally did not produce a positive close so it was not a technically significant rally. In fact, I think the downtrend is intact. To me, it looked like a lot of short-covering was going."

Financials are an example of weakness in the U.S. stock market,

"If you look at the financials for example all those stocks continued to go down closing in the red rallied off the lows but no substantial rallies."

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