Mar 19, 2019

A Bear Market Rally

I actually think the US stock market entered a stealth bear market at the beginning of 2018. But we didn't officially enter a bear market with the major averages dropping 20% or more in the fourth quarter of 2018.

 Then the Federal Reserve did exactly what I said they would do the minute the market either entered a bear territory or got close enough to do it to scare the Federal Reserve. I said from before the Fed even raised interest rates for the first time that if they ever attempted to normalize interest rates their attempt would fail that they could never complete the journey because along the way the market would break and the Federal Reserve would have to cut off the interest rate hikes and that's exactly what they did.

I also said that the initial calling off of future interest rate hikes would only create a relief rally in the market and that's what we've had. This rally is the correction. In bear markets the rises are the corrections, the opposite of a bull market. So, I think the Federal Reserve by throwing the markets this lifeline has created this bear market correction, this rally.

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