Nov 8, 2017

The Swiss National Bank Is A Big Investor In US Tech Stocks

The Swiss National Bank now has 88 billion dollars in US stocks alone. Their number one holding is Apple but if you look at their portfolio their top five holdings are Apple (AAPL) then Alphabet (which is Google), Microsoft (MSFT), Facebook (FB) and Amazon (AMZN). Those are the top five holdings of the Swiss National Bank and it also makes sense that those are some of the highest flying stocks in the US market because the Swiss National Bank just so you know they print Swiss francs for nothing, they create them out of thin air and then they go and they buy up US tech stocks.

There's only about seven and a half million people living in Switzerland including little babies. So they basically have more than ten thousand dollars of US stocks for every man, woman and child living in Switzerland. That means a family of four has got $40,000 worth of US stocks!

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