Nov 2, 2017

What Will Happen When The Stock Market Bubble Pops?

The Fed has inflated three gigantic stock market bubbles this century. The first one popped in 2001, the second one popped in 2008. Who knows when this one is gonna pop, but this is the biggest one yet and in the prior the market was cut in half. 

The only way the government was able to bail out investors was because the Fededral Reserve inflated a bigger bubble to replace the one that just popped. Well, I think this bubble is too big to replace. When it pops, that's it, the Fededral Reserve is out of tricks, there's not going to be a fourth one that they can inflate because in order to do that they will have to use so much stimulus that they will actually kill the dollar. They will end up overdosing on stimulus and we will have a dollar crash and that's gonna hurt investors but it's gonna hurt the economy even more.

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