Sep 27, 2018

Federal Reserve: The Removal of the Word "Accommodative"

The only thing that was significant or potentially significant about this interest rate hike was the removal of the word accommodative by the Federal Reserve in their official statement to describe the current state of monetary conditions or monetary policy.

Now, I initially thought that was a significant removal of a word obviously the Federal Reserve thinks very carefully about the written statements and so if they chose to remove a word that was there and they know that people parsed through these words with a microscope and so the fact that the word was missing and obviously it's missing by intention it wasn't just an accident that they're trying to send a message and what I first thought the message was and I still believe that was the Federal Reserve views a two percent interest rate as neither accommodative or restrictive but maybe neutral. The Federal Reserve now believes that interest rates are high enough that they would no longer be described as accommodative.

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