Sep 24, 2018

Trump, The Stock Market, & The Mid-Term Elections

Donald Trump said that if the Democrats get voted, the stock market gonna get cut in half. So, that is a pretty bold statement to say that, "the stock market is worth twice as much with me as President as it would be worth if the Democrats got in power" now, I don't know if he was referring to the Democrats taking control of the White House in 2020 or taking control of the Congress later this year.

I mean maybe the President is pre-blaming a future sell-off in the stock market on the Democrats taking control of Congress. I wouldn't put it past him if we start to see the markets selling off later in the year and the Democrats do take control even if it's only the house and the market tanks I bet that the President will say, "You see, if the Republicans had retained control of Congress then the market would still be going up."

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